Foal Auction July 2024

Foal Auction July 2024

Ended on Jul 9, 2024, 10:20 PM

24 foals, 2 freezer straws

Status: Closed
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Ended auctions

Betise vd Bisschop

Stunning filly by Dominator back to Babbe and Usha Van't Roosakker

1. Betise vd Bisschop

Dominator x HH Radco

°2024 Mare Foal

Bugatti G Van 't Lohof

Stallion by Grandorado TN N.O.P. halfbrother of 1m45 jumper

2. Bugatti G Van 't Lohof

Grandorado TN N.O.P. x Winningmood

°2024 Stallion Foal

Bellissima Di MaSi

Filly by superstar Ermitage Kalone, halfbrother 1m45 jumper, 3th dam jumped 1M60 5*GP

3. Bellissima Di MaSi

Ermitage Kalone x Chin Chin

°2024 Mare Foal

Bonanza Van Het Audgoed

Stallion by Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve, 2 half-sisters jumping 1m45 and 1m55, damline of Gancia de Muze

4. Bonanza Van Het Audgoed

Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve x Indorado

°2024 Stallion Foal

Sunflower DCK Z

Filly by Solid Gold Z, Grandmother Cherry Z Jumped 1m50 and is the mother of Carry Z (1m60), damline olympic Robin I Z

5. Sunflower DCK Z

Solid Gold Z x Calvados Z

°2024 Mare Foal

Jade L&L Fortuna Z

Filly by Jaguar vd Berghoeve, This is the damline of H&M Cabrio vd Heffinck

7. Jade L&L Fortuna Z

Jaguar vd Berghoeve x Toulon

°2024 Mare Foal

ICSI free straw United Touch S

ICSI free straw United Touch S stored in Avantea!

8. ICSI free straw United Touch S

Untouched x Lux Z

Embryo Straw

Baringo K Van Den Dries

Stallion prospect by olympic Emerald, Grandmother jumped 1m50, damline of olympic Thor des Chaines

9. Baringo K Van Den Dries

Emerald van 't Ruytershof x Hunter's Scendro

°2024 Stallion Foal

Ecuador V/d Molendreef Z

Stallion by Ermitage Kalone out of the Olympic

10. Ecuador V/d Molendreef Z

Ermitage Kalone x Harley VDL

°2024 Stallion Foal

Bolero Van 't Breezerhof

Stallion by Orak D'Hamwyck out of damline "de Kalvarie" with many 1m50 and 1m60 jumpers

11. Bolero Van 't Breezerhof

Orak D'Hamwyck x Plot Blue

°2024 Stallion Foal


Unique coloured filly out of a very sportive damline!

12. Be-Unique

Offspring van den Heuvel x Chin Chin

°2024 Mare Foal

Cornstar Axelhoeve Z

Stallion prospect by olympic Cornet du Lys, grandmother is the full sister of Kashmir and Sisi van Schuttershof

13. Cornstar Axelhoeve Z

Cornet du Lys x Herald

°2024 Stallion Foal

Costhas RR Z

Stallion prospect by Conthargos, the mother of this one jumped 1m50 herself and is full sister of D'Artagan RR (1m60)

14. Costhas RR Z

Conthargos x Diamant de Semilly

°2024 Stallion Foal

Taycan Van 't Oud Vliegveld Z

Filly by Tartufo de Muze, Halfbrother Balam SDN 1m60 Jumper, Grandmother Zycalin W Jumped 160, 3th dam jumped 1m45!

15. Taycan Van 't Oud Vliegveld Z

Tartufo de Muze x Eurocommerce Toulouse

°2024 Mare Foal

ICSI free straw Emerald

ICSI free straw Emerald stored in Avantea!

16. ICSI free straw Emerald

Diamant de Semilly x Carthago

Embryo Straw

Barista-K Van 't Kattenheye Z

Amazing filly by Bamako de Muze, back to Evita and Usha van 't Roosakker

17. Barista-K Van 't Kattenheye Z

Bamako de Muze x VDL Zirocco Blue N.O.P.

°2024 Mare Foal

Bombay Van 't Oud Miljonairshof

Stallion by rising star Commander HK Z! Upcoming damline

18. Bombay Van 't Oud Miljonairshof

Commander HK Z x Brainpower

°2024 Stallion Foal

Tip Top X-Tra Z

Stallion by Tobago Z, Grandmother jumped 1m50 out of the “Adermie” damline

19. Tip Top X-Tra Z

Tobago Z x Cappuccino VDB Z

°2024 Stallion Foal

Christo V/d Holsteinerhoeve Z

Interesting stallion by Contagio Z, promising young mother out of a great family

20. Christo V/d Holsteinerhoeve Z

Contagio Z x Diaron OLD

°2024 Stallion Foal

Covergirl Van 't Breezerhof Z

Filly by Comilfo Plus Z, mother is the full sister Jaguar and Coconut van Paemel both 1m50 jumpers grandmother full sister of Sheila 73 1m60 winner

21. Covergirl Van 't Breezerhof Z

Comilfo Plus Z x Cicero Z

°2024 Mare Foal

Black Sparrow Van 't Lohof

Black beauty by upcoming Qannando B&V, mother 1m35 jumper out of sportive damline

22. Black Sparrow Van 't Lohof

Qannando B & V x Indoctro

°2024 Stallion Foal

Blazing Heart(breaker) de Venti

Filly by Action-Breaker halfbrother 1m60 world cup jumper

23. Blazing Heart(breaker) de Venti

Action Breaker x Randel Z

°2024 Mare Foal

Bazart Van 't Hof Ter Dale

Stallion by Aganix du Seigneur grandmother 1m45 damline of Glasgow-W Vh Merelsnest and olympic Sapphire!

24. Bazart Van 't Hof Ter Dale

Aganix du Seigneur Z x Tinka's Boy

°2024 Stallion Foal

Caractère VH Beeckhof Z

Stallion by Comilfo Plus Z, Damline of Just A Gamble (1m65) and many others!

25. Caractère VH Beeckhof Z

Comilfo Plus Z x Toulon

°2024 Stallion Foal

Jacqe Ter Scaldis Z

Stallion by Jenson van 't Meulenhof Z out of a super German damline

26. Jacqe Ter Scaldis Z

Jenson van 't Meulenhof Z x Kassander Van 't Roosakker

°2024 Stallion Foal

Bombay M

One for the future! Young blood with amazing genes! Damline Peace of Cake M, 3th dam (1m45) is full sister of Dijon Terdoorn Z (1m60 World Cup jumper)

27. Bombay M

Gin Flip de Muze x Fantomas de Muze

°2024 Stallion Foal

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