Below is an overview of some of our valued partners. With these various collaborations, we aim to meet all your needs and offer you full support both before and after the purchase of a foal/embryo.

Insurance of your embryo and/or foal through our partner Q&O HORSE INSURANCE.

If you as a breeder wish to insure your foal/embryo prior to the auction, we strongly recommend Q&O HORSE INSURANCE. Of course, this is also interesting for the buyers after the auction. If you have further questions about this, please contact us at any time. We will provide you with the necessary information without obligation and put you in contact with the Q&O team for the insurance assignment.

Clipping and grooming of your foal by our partner MW Horse clipping.










MW Horse Clipping specializes in clipping and grooming foals and sport horses for auctions, presentation days and competitions.  Do not hesitate to contact Melissa for the preparation of your foal!

Birth Center ’t Kouterhof/raise foal

At Birth Center ’t Kouterhof, you can rely on professional guidance for the birth of your valuable mare and her foal. Steven Vlaemynck is ready to expertly assist your mare during the birthing process and ensure everything goes smoothly. With years of experience, they provide the best care and support for both your mare and the newborn foal.

In addition to birthing assistance, they also offer rearing services. Their team ensures that your foal receives an optimal rearing period.

Do not hesitate to contact Steven Vlaemynck from ’t Kouterhof for more information or to schedule an appointment. They are ready to provide you and your horses with the best care.

Horse transport by our partner Guillaume Delfortrie.

Transport your horses with confidence and peace of mind with Guillaume Delfortrie. As a partner of the Belgian Elite Auction, Guillaume Delfortrie is at your service with new, safe and comfortable vehicles to transport your horses. With extensive knowledge and experience, Guillaume ensures that your horse is transported in a professional and caring manner, both at home and abroad. Whether it is transport after purchase or sale, competition transport, a visit to the veterinary clinic or the airport, Guillaume Delfortrie is available 24/7. Rely on Guillaume Delfortrie for impeccable service and compliance with necessary legal obligations.

Veterinarian Juliette de Pesseroey

We are proud to partner with veterinarian Juliette de Pesseroey, an experienced professional in the field of veterinary medicine. As a partner in our auction, Juliette plays an essential role in ensuring the health and well-being of our foals.
During our video day, Juliette de Pesseroey ensures that each foal is thoroughly checked. With her expertise and accurate assessment, she ensures that each foal is in optimal condition and meets our standards. Her attention to detail and careful assessment help ensure the best selection of foals for our auction.
In addition, Juliette is also available as a veterinarian for your own animals. With her broad knowledge and commitment, she provides comprehensive veterinary care and support. Whether it's preventive health checks, vaccinations or medical treatments, you can rely on Juliette's expertise and dedication.
Please do not hesitate to contact veterinarian Juliette de Pesseroey for more information or to schedule an appointment. With her passion for animals and extensive experience, she is ready to provide the best care for your horses and other animals.

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