Mother 1.45m with Millie Allen, full sister of Glen Devon ranked 1m60 and Newton Pacific 1m55, also sister of 2 other 1m60 jumpers including Newton Abbot ranked 1.60m with Henrik von Eckermann
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Ended on

Oct 3, 2023, 9:20:00 PM

Sold to Netherlands

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Extra conditions:

De draagmerrie dient na het afspenen van het veulen in goede gezondheid teruggebracht te worden. (Nederland) Indien gewenst kan de draagmerrie ook worden aangekocht voor 3500 EURO excl. btw.

Embryo wordt verkocht vanuit een zweedse vennootschap (25% VAT). Draagmerrie staat in Nederland.


The surrogate mare must be returned in good health after the foal is weaned. (Netherlands) If desired, the surrogate mare can also be purchased for 3500 EURO excl. VAT.

Embryo is sold from a Swedish company (25% VAT). Surrogate mare is located in the Netherlands.


Date of birth 21-04-2024
VAT 25.00%



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